What Your OB/Gyn, Girlfriends, And Even Your Own Mother Aren’t Telling You About What To Expect During Your Pregnancy!
(And Especially The Vulnerable Phase after baby we call the 4th trimester”)
I know what you’re thinking….
And what you’ve been thinking since you became pregnant. 
You’re looking around at your female friends and family members and wondering why the only things they’re talking to you about your pregnancy seem…. “filtered” shall we say?
I mean what they ARE saying isn’t anything you haven’t necessarily already heard, but you KNOW in your gut there’s a lot more they’re leaving out. 
Maybe they don’t want to alarm you by telling you that the possibility of hemorrhoids is one of the more favorable symptoms you might experience.

Perhaps they want to spare you the gory details of what happens during labor.... that there will be “ripping”.... there will be a LOT of blood during labor (this can be a normal part of birth.... but something nobody had warned me about!). 
That you might experience something called the "ring of fire" during labor which can feel like fire and burning while the baby's head crowns. 

This is hard in the moment, but can be helped with a few tricks I have up my sleeve.

Or they don't want you to know that (especially first time moms) might have extra long labors, and that it is NOTHING like what you see on tv. 

Maybe they hope that if they fail to mention that there’s a high probability that your baby is going to be born with a superior set of lungs and will use them to cry CONSTANTLY. 

It’s going to make YOU cry-- a lot. 

And you may not initially bond with your newborn right away which is going to bring on your first taste of MOM GUILT. 
I’m telling you this part of motherhood is ROUGH.
You’re not somebody who can just go with the flow. 

You pride yourself on being early to meetings and overachieving on almost every task you commit yourself to doing. 

You’re health-conscious and exercise regularly, but you aren’t sure how the rules change when pregnant and you want to make sure you are getting accurate information on nutrition and fitness so you protect you and your baby.

You also want to know what to expect, so you can strategize and plan--- and usually that means devising a Plan A, Plan B, AND a Plan C--- just in case you go into labor in the middle of a typhoon-earthquake-volcano eruption. 

Like I said…. 

You live to prepare for the unexpected.
And now you’re in a position where you have no control. THIS. IS. HAPPENING. NOW.
You just want the truth so you can prepare for it. 
This Is Exactly Why I Had To Develop This Program!
Strong women like you, in various stages of their pregnancy 
reach out to me everyday. 

They’re scared and frustrated because they can’t get a straight answer from anyone -- their friends, their family - nobody’s willing to talk about what REALLY happens.

And the available resources on the market don’t get frank and personal because they have to think about book sales and not upsetting the market. 

Because let’s be honest, who would buy a book where the author actually explains in graphic detail why you can’t get out of bed in the morning and the absolute feeling of depression and blues when you realize that everything you thought you’d feel during and after pregnancy was WAY OFF?

And maybe it’s not so much a matter of the bad news itself, but the slight feeling of betrayal that this information was available and out in the world, but no one stepped forward to share it with you. 
  •  Your mother likely knew it.
  •  So did your sister.
  •  And your girlfriends.
If they’ve had children, they have the experiences (and the beautiful battle wound stretch marks) to pass along the information to you, but didn’t.

Before you start plotting your revenge ;-), realize that they only want the best for you and likely their motivation was to prevent you from stressing about many of these things which are out of your control anyway. 

While their intentions are honorable, I believe the more knowledge you have about your pregnancy, the more prepared you are to prevent many symptoms from happening in the first place.
You are not Alone!
I started out where you are now. I wanted to know how to keep my fitness level up 
while making sure the exercises I did were safe. 
But I was also searching for other women who had experience with pregnancy fears like mine:
  • Was my partner still going to be attracted to me?
  • Would I be a good mom?
  • Would I ever get my pre-pregnancy body back?
  • What if I felt differently about parenthood after the baby was born?
  • Would I get over my breastfeeding fears?
Since I couldn’t get a straight answer from my inner circle of friends and family, I took to the internet and began sharing my stories. 

I’d go into detail about how I’d lock the door before taking a shower so my husband couldn’t come in and see me naked. 

How I’d bring my change of clothes in the bathroom with me and change to avoid any awkward chance that I’d have to dress in front of him. 

It started to affect my intimacy with him.

I was so depressed that I couldn’t get out of bed -- not even my baby screaming for me was enough motivation. 

I’d lock myself in my closet and cry… even though I knew everyone needed my time and attention. 

It was the only place I felt like I could get a second to myself and wondered if I could ever just feel like myself again.

How I’d mourned what I thought was the loss of my identity and future career success as a woman now that I was renamed “MOM.” 

And how that took me close to a year to get over.

Or how the self-imposed pressure to get my body back to “normal” caused such a level of self-loathing and hateful self-talk that I’d driven my spirit into such a place of undeserving insecurity.

As I let go of my deepest confessions and poured them out on the internet, do you know what happened? 

Other women flooded in from all over the world and started saying:

“Oh my gosh Natalie, me too. I thought I was the only one who felt that way.”
“I wish I would have known THAT before I had my baby.”

Then I asked them what do they wish they would have known BEFORE baby. 
Here’s What They Told Me:
The problem is that most of the fit pregnancy programs 
on the market are aimed toward perfection...
When truthfully… showing yourself grace during pregnancy 
is more important than perfection.
So many women were feeling ashamed or embarrassed because they were struggling during pregnancy… but nobody was talking about it!  

Most of us didn't want to admit that the fatigue was so severe during the 1st trimester that exercising was almost out of the question.

Or that cravings and aversions were worse than we expected, or that emotionally we really struggled towards the end of pregnancy with fear about our changing bodies, or nervousness surrounding labor.

Even worse was that there weren’t very many resources for what a new mom should follow after the baby is born. 

You usually just hear, “begin to slowly exercise after you get clearance from your doctor.”

This isn’t very clear for a new mom… This problem was impacting so many of us! 
Nine out of 10 women will have babies during their lifetime! 
It blew my mind that nobody was really leading the charge to help!

You see, so many celebrities and magazines focus on “getting your body back,” but the truth is that there are so many #variationsofnormal and the exercises we performed before getting pregnant are rarely appropriate right after having a baby. 

Abdominal weakness, separation, and pelvic floor dysfunction are common, rarely talked about, and easy to overlook for new moms.  

A recent study showed that fewer than one in four women get enough exercise during pregnancy.
Women face so many new body changes during pregnancy, including:
  • Increases in blood volume
  • Fatigue
  • morning (or all-day) sickness including nausea and vomiting
  • tender, fuller, and heavier breasts 
  • headaches 
  • increased urination
  • Insomnia
  • vivid dreams 
  • vague exercise recommendations
So many women get discouraged because of the changes they start to see in their body and begin to wonder: 

“What’s the point of exercising anyways? 

I feel like I'm just making negative progress. 

It’s not worth it.”

Often women are told things like: 

"Just enjoy pregnancy! 

You don't need to workout or watch what you eat. 

You're growing a baby! Relax!"

But what most women AREN’T told is that doing moderate exercise during pregnancy and focusing on solid nutrition can actually give you more energy, and can lower rates of gestational diabetes, hypertension, and depression.

More than 75 percent of women aren’t getting enough exercise during pregnancy, which means they’re enduring complications like gestational diabetes, hypertension, hormone imbalance and a host of other ailments that in many cases can be prevented with the right nutrition and exercise system. 

And I get it! 

There aren’t enough resources for pregnant women and most of the resources available don’t talk about the REAL struggles pregnant women face.
So, I set out on a mission:
To give women around the globe a blueprint that will enable them to have a joyous, easy, and successful pregnancy while giving birth to a healthy child.
And that’s when this program was born!
"Baby Bump" Pregnancy Training Guide
(Including Specific Step-By-Step Guidelines For EACH Trimester...
and even a FOURTH Trimester Guide for after baby comes!)
Our pregnancy blueprint gives you every secret you need to know during pregnancy!
  • An ALL-INCLUSIVE exercise guide on the best ways to workout during pregnancy
  • VIP access to a unique evidence-based approach to training during pregnancy
  • A NEW type of exercise completely (unlike anything you’ve seen before) to help during labor, delivery and recovery
  • Stories of other women who have been in the exact same spot as you, so that you never feel alone and have a tribe of women who support you
  • Unique “Deep Core Exercises” that will aid in your post-pregnancy recovery after baby arrives
  • Add something about how to avoid the terrible postpartum baby blues
And More!
“Can I really NOT eat sushi?” 

“Which prenatal vitamin is the best?”

We give you all the answers…. and you might be surprised.
We understand that pregnancy can be a mix of emotions — ranging from excited to nervous to insecure to joyful. 

We share our exact experiences during each phase of pregnancy ranging from topics such as: negative self talk, discouragement, fatigue, confidence, and habits. 

You are not alone….and you’ve got this, mama.

We are going to show you how a lot of the things you are going through is completely normal.
A List of Exercises You Must Avoid After Baby Arrives!
The wrong exercises can actually harm you and baby. 

There are some exercises that should never be done while pregnant. 

I break them down and teach you which exercises to do instead.
Pregnancy-Appropriate Exercise Plan.
We will give you ideal workouts for each trimester of pregnancy, answer common questions, and break down exercise-related myths. 

We provide written, visual, and video instructions for each of the exercises. 

Many of these exercises will be new to you. 

It’s important to perform the correct exercises with proper form to avoid injury and experience the best results.
Specific Training Program. 
You don’t have to think about it. 

 This is a done-for-you blueprint. 

 Training on auto-pilot. 

 You worry about your baby, leave the rest to us. 

 You don’t have to spend time worrying about when to eat, what to eat, how to exercises….. 

You just focus on your happiness and we take care of the rest.  
No more anxiety!
This is one of the most beautiful experiences you are ever going to have in your life. 

 You don’t want to dampen that with anxiety, let us give you clarity! 
Pregnancy Hacks.
I wish I knew this before I had babies. 

I went through a lot of pain…. now you don’t have to.
Who is This Program For?
  •  Women who are trying to get pregnant and looking to prepare in advance to give themselves the healthiest pregnancy ever.
  •  Women who are pregnant and know they want to keep their body as healthy as possible throughout pregnancy.
  •  Women who have been pregnant before and experienced complications during the pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum periods and want to do everything they can to avoid that experience this time around.
  •  Women who are facing a number of health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and need to continue a safe exercise program during pregnancy.

Prepare For Your Healthy Pregnancy Now!
who am i...
Natalie Hodson
I gained 60 to 70 pounds with both of my pregnancies (both babies were ten pounds!), so I understand the emotional struggle that can put on a pregnant mom. 

I share my experiences with moms like you so that you know you’re not alone, not crazy, and NOT overreacting. 

My blog is centered around sharing stories and tips for balancing family, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle and gets nearly half a million monthly unique visitors.

I am also an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, content writer, and contributor for sites and publications including: 
Bodybuilding.com, Oxygen Magazine, Train for Her Magazine, Strong Fitness Magazine, and more. 

I am the co-author of the Abs, Core, & Pelvic Floor program that has helped over 35,000 women improve their core and pelvic floor dysfunction after pregnancy.
I break each book down into Four Major Sections:


We address what’s going on during this time, what you’re feeling and how to stay focused and connected to your “happy.”

Changes To Your Body

The physical signs and symptoms you may already be experiencing and what that means as your baby grows and develops.


Suggestions for what to eat and what to avoid, as well as how to manage morning sickness and food aversions by offering alternatives.

Training Program

Custom exercises designed specifically for each phase in your pregnancy.
First Trimester
Whether this is your first pregnancy, or you have a whole clan of kiddos running around the house, the information I am going to share with you in this book is going to be really valuable for you. 

I have worked really hard to include stories that show the REAL side of pregnancy, while also including an evidence-based approach to training and nutrition.

I want you to know that you aren’t alone if you are feeling worried, excited, scared, sad, sick, happy, nervous, tired, or elated. It’s normal to go through a wide range of emotions and have a huge list of questions! 

As you read through this book, don’t be surprised when I talk about things that most people don’t talk about! I might use words that we don’t usually talk about around the dinner table (like vagina, anus and fecal matter!) 
But I want to really prepare you with every single tool that I have. 

And that means talking about all the things. 

Ultimately, this is what I want you to remember. You know your body better than anyone else. There is a power that comes from trusting and listening to your body. 

You are a beautiful and strong woman. 
You can do this!
The second trimester was my favorite part of pregnancy! 

Many women feel the same. 

You begin to finally look pregnant, and your belly will start to show more. 

You probably will have the most energy during this trimester, and typically your morning sickness decreases. 

Some fun news for you: sex is usually the best in the second trimester! 

You generally have more energy than you did in the 1st trimester, you have more blood flowing through your body, and your belly isn’t usually too big yet. 
Second Trimester
Whether this is your first pregnancy, or you have a whole clan of kiddos running around the house, the information I am going to share with you throughout this book is going to be really valuable for you. 

There is a power that comes from trusting and listening to your body. 
Third Trimester
In the third trimester, we begin preparing for labor and delivery. 

We’re also going to adjust our exercise and nutrition strategy to meet our increased need to be healthy and prepared for the delivery. 

We’re going to pay particular attention to giving ourselves more grace and self-care in this phase because you’re going to be exhausted, feel huge and unattractive to your spouse, and in general-- ready to deliver!
In the fourth trimester, we discuss the mental, emotional, and physical side effects of labor and delivery, including the best recovery method to keep you healthy and in a good mindset. 

We also talk about unrealistic expectations you may have about your body’s ability to recover quickly.

We also discuss the next steps for your fitness training program and nutrition, including a list of recommended workouts and how long after delivery you should start.

The “baby blues,” or postpartum depression is very real and can sneak up on you unexpectedly. 

We show you how to recognize the signs and address them before you’re at a point of feeling really low.
Fourth Trimester
This Program Has Changed The Lives Of Countless Women 
And It Can Help You Too! 
Exclusive & Private Access to Facebook Group
Together we’re going to eliminate that nasty feeling that there’s something “they’re” not telling you by giving you full membership access to our private and supportive Facebook group of moms and expecting moms like you so you can get the information AND the answers you need when you need them.
VIP Digital Access
Then we’re going to reinforce that the information and advice you hear from others is accurate by giving you VIP digital access to the ENTIRE program and videos that can be used on tablet, phone, computer, etc., 

So, you can feel safe to relax that what you’re learning is going to work for you.
Paperback Bundle
I’m also going to include the paperback version of the program that takes you through your entire pregnancy INCLUDING the fourth trimester and breaks down everything you need to know about mindset, nutrition, and exercise for each trimester. 

That way you will have every format available to you based on your favorite way of consuming the information.
Pregnancy Exercise Book
Not only that, but I’m going to eliminate any second-guessing doubts you have about whether or not you’re performing the exercises correctly by giving you my Pregnancy Exercise Book. 

It comes loaded with color photos and detailed descriptions for every single exercise, so you don’t have to stop and start to make sense of it-- you just keep going!
Pregnancy Journal
You’re going to want to document this entire journey and capture it to read later, and also to give to your child, which is why I’m also including my Pregnancy Journal. 

It’s an all-in-one place to keep every workout session, and private thought about how you feel at that time. 

This is the most monumental time in your life. You deserve to have a memory time capsule to pass down to your family.
“Healthy Living for Life” Sticker
Once you start the program you’re going to get excited - VERY excited. 

That’s because you’re seeing results firsthand. And as a result, you’re going to want to share your experience with everyone. 

That’s why I’m including a “Healthy Living for Life” Sticker for you to put on your car or the back of your laptop. 

Give people a reason to ask what’s different about you. It’s a great conversation starter!
DVD Set 
And if you were hoping for a workout video, I’ve got that covered. 

In fact, I’ve created seven DVDs where myself and my pregnant besties will go through each workout with you. 

Need to see that again? You’ll have full control over your remote to move forward or rewind!
So you see? I’ve got you covered!
But, if for any reason you change your mind, here’s my...
My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
I am not here to make money off of you, I am here to help. If this isn’t hands-down the BEST training you’ve ever gotten on the topic, I don’t want your money. 

We will refund your money IN FULL! 
This is what I call the “Natalie Promise.” 

I am here because I don’t want people to ever have to go through what I went through. 

The pain and the frustration -- you can avoid ALL of that.

I promise that this is the latest evidence-based stuff that’s easy to implement. 

I promise you are going to get a blueprint for each step of the way so that you don’t get lost.  
This is completely risk-free...
If you think there might be the slightest chance that this could help you have the healthy pregnancy that you’ve always wanted, stop procrastinating and click the button that says "A Healthy Pregnancy Begins Here" to get started on this journey.

I am here to help!

I am here for you and want to support you during this phase!

Your friend,

Every day that you aren’t following the right steps in your pregnancy...
 Is another day that you are further stressing out yourself and your baby. 

Stop the cycle and get our blueprint now.
What would your life over the next nine months look like if you could:
  • Maintain a healthy weight throughout your pregnancy without obsessing over every little calorie because you know it’s about rest and recovery...and being extra kind and patient with yourself.
  • Make a peace treaty with your body -- you agree to give it proper nutrition and rest, and it agrees to fuel a steady source of energy so you can prepare for baby!
  • Prepare for labor & delivery and the postpartum period relying on accurate and relevant information-- no surprises for you because you already know what to expect in each trimester and you plan accordingly.
  • Instantly dispel and dismiss “old wives’ tales” when you hear them because you’d have the information to separate fact from fear mongering fiction.
  • Enjoy your changing body, free from self-loathing and absolutely grateful that you get to experience this miracle of life.
  • Wake up excited to feed your baby & body the proper combination of foods tailored specifically for your pregnancy.
  • Exercise daily for 10 minutes using specially designed moves (many you’ve never heard before) that strengthen your muscles and help you during labor, delivery, and recovery, so you’re stronger, healthier, and ready to return to life and your new bundle of joy.
  • Could check in daily with a network of women who all have similar stories like yours and who have loads of supportive advice and encouraging words for you, so you’re never alone throughout your pregnancy.
  • Completely sidestep the “baby blues,” because you’ve been conditioning your body the entire time to combat the symptoms, so life as a new mother with baby in tow is all about sunshine and infant giggles!
You Might Be Wondering…
 Can I get this program before I am pregnant?
Of course! 

We encourage that because the best way to enter any situation is to be prepared. 

We have a lot of women who do this. 

They read up on the material before getting pregnant so that they can begin the workouts right away when they find out they are pregnant.
Is exercising while pregnant safe for me and my baby?
It is safe, and in fact, can help with a healthier pregnancy! 

 Many studies have been performed on fetal response to maternal exercise. 

They have all conclusively shown that exercise was well tolerated in relations to umbilical artery blood flow, fetal heart rates, and biophysical profiles before and after exercise in both active women and inactive women and their babies.
Do I need a gym membership for this?
Nope! This program is designed for your convenience, so all exercises can be done at home. 
How long are the workouts?
Our workouts are short and convenient! 

Some workouts are as short as 10 minutes. 

 Most people will choose to exercise four days per week on this plan, but you can choose three days or five days if that works better for your schedule and lifestyle.
Can I just buy one trimester instead of all four books?
You bet! 

We give a discount to those who purchase the entire bundle, but if you are already in your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th trimesters you can select the ones you want to purchase at checkout.
 Can I do this program even if I wasn't working out before I got pregnant?
You bet! 

No matter where you are in your health journey, we give modifications to the exercises and options for more intense or less intense workouts. 

In this program, you can choose to workout three, four, or five days per week — whichever fits in your schedule and lifestyle the best!
Will this program be helpful for me if I am overweight?

My goal is to provide resources and tools for all women during pregnancy. 

For every woman who goes through our program, our goal is to give you the tools to have a healthy pregnancy starting with where you are currently at. 

We show modifications for exercises depending on your current fitness level and give nutrition recommendations.
If I buy the 4th trimester book, will exercise mess with my milk supply?
Talk with your doctor or midwife before starting any new exercise program, but for most women regular exercise should not impact milk supply as long as you have adequate calories (which we go over in the program), stay well hydrated, and focus on maintaining regular nursing sessions with your baby.  
Can I buy the 4th trimester book if I had a c-section?

 We have an entire section on c-section scar care and specific recommendations to recovery from surgery.  
How soon can I start exercising again after I have a baby?
Most doctors recommend six weeks for a vaginal birth and eight to 10 weeks for a c-section birth. 

There are deep core and breathing exercises you can begin sooner that will aid in your recovery from birth, and walking is usually encouraged, as well. 

 We have an entire guideline for you in the 4th trimester book that goes over all these details.
Can I follow this program if I have gestational diabetes?

 If you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant, your doctor will work closely with you to get you on an appropriate meal plan. 

Exercise can also help to manage gestational diabetes!
Can I follow this program if I am pregnant with twins?

 If you have had clearance from your doctor to exercise, than the guidelines in this program will be perfect. 

 You may need to make some of the adaptations we suggest during the 3rd trimester sooner as your belly grows to make room for those babies.
Can I follow this program if I have had a miscarriage?
If you have experienced a miscarriage in the past, I am so sorry and I know the pain of this process. 

I personally experienced a really traumatic miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy shortly after the birth of my daughter. 

I blogged about the entire process which you can read on my blog if you want. 

Listen to your doctor’s guidelines on returning to exercise. 

Sometimes, women are concerned that exercise during pregnancy will cause a miscarriage in the first trimester. 

There is no evidence-based research that backs this up. If you are concerned about a miscarriage, talk to your doctor or midwife about it. 

Exercising during pregnancy is recommended by every major pregnancy organization for most pregnant mamas. 
When I purchase Baby Bump, how will it be delivered to me?
Baby Bump is a digital product that will be sent to you in PDF form. 

We wanted this to be super convenient, so you can access it from your phone, tablet, laptop-- anywhere! 

When you purchase the program, you will be able to access the program from the Order Confirmation page. 

You'll also be sent an email with an access link to your Baby Bump program. 

Once you click your access link, you will be able to view the content in your browser and you will have the option to download it to your computer.
For support issues or questions - Please email us at contact@nataliehodson.com
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