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“Baby Bump” The Modern Mom’s Guide to Pregnancy and Recovery”
What Your OB/Gyn, Girlfriends, And Even Your Own Mother Aren’t Telling You 
About What To Expect During Your Pregnancy!
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Your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, AND 4th Trimester Programs!

Diet & Supplementation Tips

Proper nutrition plays a critical role in how you feel during your pregnancy and recovery. We lay it all out for you — how to eat appropriately during each trimester, what foods you should focus on when breastfeeding, appropriate portion sizes, and realistic tips for eating healthy when you have food aversions and strong cravings.

Encouragement & Motivation

We understand that pregnancy can be a mix of emotions — ranging from excited to nervous to insecure to joyful. We share our exact experiences during each phase of pregnancy ranging from topics such as: negative self talk, discouragement, fatigue, confidence, and habits. You are not alone….and you’ve got this, mama.

A List of Exercises You Must Avoid After Baby Arrives!

Some common exercises that women often try to jump into aren’t appropriate right after you’ve had a baby and can actually make your recovery period longer. We list out the exact post-pregnancy exercises you should avoid and what you should do instead.

Pregnancy-Appropriate Exercise Plan

We will give you appropriate workouts for each trimester of pregnancy, answer common questions, and break down exercise-related myths. We provide written, visual, and video instructions for each of the exercises. Many of these exercises will be new to you. It’s important to perform the correct exercises with proper form to avoid injury and experience the best results. 

Specific Training Program

Training will be broken out into specific phases within each trimester. For each week, I will give you specific exercises that are safe for each phase of pregnancy, as well as a unique set of workouts for you to do during pregnancy that can help during labor and delivery. I also include workouts for your 4th trimester recover period. You will also get suggestions on what to do if you can’t workout due to fatigue or morning sickness.

Important Additional Information 

Basically… everything I WISH I would have known before I had babies. We pull the curtain back and show you the REAL side of postpartum recovery. What to expect, the things few people actually talk about, and how you can manage this new life while showing yourself grace.
who is this program for?
  • Anyone who is currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant
  • Anyone who is breastfeeding and wants answers about exercise and nutrition while nursing
  • Anyone who wants to know pregnancy-safe exercises
  • Anyone who recently suffered a miscarriage 
  • Anyone who wants to learn how they can support their partner or friends during their pregnancies
  • Anyone who has just recently had a baby (regardless of vaginal or c-section birth)
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